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This is the most popular version of Beautyberry. Pot Size ... Aftercare and Pruning . How to plant Callicarpa. Callicarpa bodinieri is an easily grown shrub invaluable for its autumn - fall - and winter berries. Pruning: Prune to shape in ... Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion' New Price Each £15.00 Quick view Clerodendrum trichotomum var fargesii. Qty: Buy. Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion (Beautyberry) Product Code: 2718. giraldii 'Profusion', which is a fully hardy, medium-sized, deciduous shrub (10ft tall x 8ft wide when fully grown). Small purplish pink flowers appear in summer amongst the large green leaves. Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion. Callicarpa also works well as a decorative addition to Christmas displays, and adds a touch of winter magic to flower arrangements in your home. See how RHS can give expert advice on growing, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. giraldii, 'Profusion' x. Each (Code SP252) £5.99. Click here to find out more. This is best done in spring, after the frost. giraldii 'Profusion' Beauty Berry Write a Review. A higly ornamental shrub for the garden, it can also be used to produce gorgeous bouquets of cut branches. New Price Each £19.50 Quick view Ilex aquifolium 'Bacciflava' New Price Each £14.95 Quick view Cotoneaster cuspidatus. The callicarpa is a beautiful addition to the environment and, in addition, requires little maintenance. They make an equally good backdrop to a shrub border as well. This will ensure that your Callicarpa always has plenty of 'rejuvenated- stems, which in turn will ensure maximum berrying. A popular shrub which is native to China, Callicarpa bodinieri var ... Pruning: Prune to shape in early spring if required. Callicarpa can be planted either in spring or in fall. giraldii is native to southern China. Callicarpa bodinieri var. This shrub will appreciate a mulch of compost and granulated cow manure around the base of its trunk, especially during winter and early spring. In the far northern part of the growing range of C. bodinieri, there is no need to prune because the plants naturally die back to the ground. Callicarpa grow well in sun or dappled shade in a woodland context beside a path where their long lasting fruits can be admired. After the first year of initial care and feeding, it will need only an occasional watering. Pruning Crape Myrtles. Estimated Delivery: 1 Dec - 5 Dec subject to your delivery post code. Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion' SKU. The height of the plant does not include the pot. Last name: Callicarpa bodinieri Family: Verbenaceae Type: Shrub Height: 2 m Exposure: Sunny, light partial shade Ground: Ordinary Foliage: Expired -Flowering: June to July. Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) is a deciduous shrub found naturally in the southeastern United States.It grows between 3 and 6 feet tall and wide on average, though it's been known to reach 9 feet tall. Noteworthy Characteristics. Planting callicarpa. Grows 6-10' tall, 4-6' wide – sun, Z6, -10f. Clear: Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion (Beautyberry) quantity. Pruning method involves cutting out around one third of all older stems - right back to ground level each year in the Spring. Giraldii; Callicarpa dichotoma; Callicarpa japonica; Callicarpa rubella; They are a shrub generally or small tree but can be prone to slug and snail attack when kept as bonsai. 1399. Data sheet. The specific epithet honors Emile Marie Bodinieri (1842-1901), French missionary and botanist who collected plants in China. Find specific plants with our Plant Finder & Plant Selector. Be the first to review this product . 'Profusion' Open today from 08:00 until 17:00 For more abundant flowering and to keep the vegetation compact, it is recommended to prune the plant at the end of winter. In order to enable the best growth, the Callicarpa bodinieri is recommended for a location with full sunlight. In the spring, new growth will emerge from the roots. Berries persist on stiff bare branches well into winter. Both reach roughly 3m x 2.5m. This deciduous shrub attracts attention at the end of summer with its decorative purple berries. Qty: Buy. Another benefit of the plant is its overall low maintenance. One of the best ornamental fruiting shrubs, Callicarpa bodinieri var. You should expect Callicarpa to grow to an approximate height and spread of 1.8m (6’). Callicarpa Profusion, also known as Beautyberry, is a beautiful eye-catching medium sized deciduous shrub which produces masses of tiny star shaped lilac flowers in summer. Factsheets > Callicarpa bodinieri var. From: £ 49.95. It produces a dense clump of violet coloured berries. C. japonica ‘Leucocarpa’ prefers summer heat and may get dieback after a hard winter. If you give your shrub a hard pruning, taking it down to 12 inches or less, the shrub will be larger but only have berries along the ends of its branches. giraldii 'Profusion' is a self fertile form, but it will produce more berries if planted in small groups of several plants. Best cross-pollination and resultant fruit production occur when shrubs are planted in groups or massed. Sow 2mm deep into prepared soil which has been raked to a fine tilth. Once established, shrubs generally do not require much water. Beautyberries are also a natural food source for many birds. These berries do not become brown; they remain colourful until the end of the season. Fluffy mauve summer blooms are a bonus on Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion’ is widely available in UK nurseries. However, at first they need careful, frequent watering and should not be left to dry out. The Callicarpa bodinieri is hardy and more common in gardens in our area. Flowers are lavender & bloom in July-August, leaves are matte green with a purple tinge & turn gold before dropping in autumn to reveal bright purple berries. Pruning Hydrangeas. Brand BlueBell Nursery. Gary Junken and Jillian Liebman, edited by Carri Delahanty . Other distinguishing features include a more arching or weeping form and smaller berries that hang from the branches in grape-like bunches. Callicarpa bodinieri var. 10 Plants for Year-round Containers. giraldii 'Profusion': Profusion Beautyberry. Some are hardy but Callicarpa rubella needs frost free conditions. Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion is commonly known as Beautyberry. giraldiii known as Beauty Berry – the common name says it all – the berries are the thing. Callicarpa bodinieri var. In the alternative, shrubs may be grown in the manner of herbaceous perennials in Zone 5 by pruning stems back to 6” in late winter each year. Callicarpa bodinieri var. Easy to maintain, it will amaze you with its pretty berries appearing in the middle of summer and that until the end of winter. Find help and information on Callicarpa bodinieri var giraldii 'Profusion' Beauty berry, including varieties and pruning advice. Select Height: 80-100 cm / 2.6-3.3 ft - £49.95. The variety giraldii lacks the down found on the stems and leaves of species plants. The beautyberry is relatively low maintenance, easy-care shrub with only minor pruning needed to be done spring. Callicarpa Magical® Snowstar lights up the garden in the autumn with abundant clusters of sparkling white berries spread along the vertical stems. If you’re anti-purple, C. japonica ‘Leucocarpa’ sports ivory berries. In the alternative, shrubs may be grown in the manner of herbaceous perennials in Zone 5 by pruning stems back to 6” in late winter each year. Origin: Callicarpa is a species in the Mint Family, Lamiaceae. Water it more often during dry periods. Most Popular. Callicarpa Profusion has deep green leaves that change colour in Autumn, in summer months it will produce pretty purple flowers followed by attractive, bright purple, berries which is one of the reasons for the popularity of this shrub. This unusual, upright deciduous shrub is a native of China. New growth has exciting bronze tinge. 'Profusion' bears clusters of small, lilac flowers along the stems in summer. Customer Review - Callicarpa bodinieri var. Pack of 3 (Code SP253) £11.98 . Price From £5.99. It forms a rounded shrub to approximately 2m. Review Title : Comments : Rating : Your Name : Email : (Optional: We may use this to contact you to discuss your experience with our products) Recaptcha: Germination Instructions. Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion. A graceful shrub . Add to basket. Growing to around 2.5m (8ft) Callicarpa bodinieri 'Magical Snowstar' is a tightly branching shrub which colours up in the autumn, when the leaves turn yellow before they fall, revealing the perfect snowball berries. giraldii 'Profusion' (Beautyberry) is a medium-sized deciduous shrub, primarily grown for its eye-catching display of purple berries dotting every arching branch like beads on a string. Still, the callicarpa, too, should be pruned every now and then. Painting Clay Pots. Callicarpa bodinieri has smaller fruit, pink flowers. high by 1.8 metres wide. The callicarpa to look out for is C. bodinieri var. Noteworthy Characteristics. It is recommended to prune early in the spring before the onset of the new season’s growth. How to Prune Hydrangeas. As such it may be a good idea to prune it back hard in its entirety to about 2ft after the fruits have disappeared. Callicarpa bodinieri; Callicarpa bodinieri var. Best cross-pollination and resultant fruit production occur when shrubs are planted in groups or massed. It has a moderate to fast growth rate, gaining around 1 to 2 feet per year until it is mature. Asian beautyberry: The three Asian species, Callicarpa japonica from Japan, Callicarpa bodinieri from China, and Callicarpa dichotoma, from Japan, China, and Korea, are more cold tolerant (Zones 5-8) than their American cousin. Superb shrub valued for display of abundant clusters of long lasting violet berries along branches in fall. The C. japonica is a little less hardy and has white berries. How to Prune Beautyberry The best fall berries depend on an early-spring cutting. Prune to encourage new growth. Callicarpa japonica has small fruits, pink flowers and leaves that turn a variegated purple-pink in autumn. Sow directly or in a cold frame. Bodinieri Callicarpa 'Profusion' is an easy-to-grow shrub that requires minimal maintenance. During the pruning process only a few branches need to be cut to the ground. A graceful, arching, fountain shape of the Beauty Berry contributes to the architecture of the garden all year round. American beautyberry shrubs (Callicarpa americana, USDA zones 7 through 11) bloom in late summer, and although the flowers aren’t much to look at, the jewel-like, purple or white berries are dazzling.The fall foliage is an attractive yellow or chartreuse color. Deciduous.Moderate growing 6 ft. tall and wide. Callicarpa are best planted in well-drained soil of chalk, clay, sand or loam based soil within an acidic, alkaline or neutral PH balance. Callicarpa bodinieri var.

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