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We found: 2011 Panamera 3.0 TD V6, 89,000 miles, £25,000. We found: 2005 Flying Spur W12, 60,000 miles, £24,995. Our pick Volkswagen Golf 1.5 TSI EVO GT DSG autoList price £23,760. A £30k budget will get you some of the best SUVs on sale – but there are also some excellent choices available for a lot less than that Our pick Audi A1 Sportback 30 TFSI S LineList price £23,175. Inside is a spacious and luxurious interior fit for any captain of industry, with plenty of up-to-the-minute kit. Menu. The market has woken up to rarities like the carbon-roofed CSL (now £50,000) and the UK-only CS (now around £25,000) but the standard car still has some way to go. Cars; Car Features; Top 10: used SUVs under £25k With new ones ramping up the prices, there’s still value to be found If you were tempted by the new […] By Graham Scott - What Car. If you have £25,000 lined up for a new car, you can take your pick from dozens of interesting new models. Here, we have compiled a list of the ten best new cars for under $25,000. In fact, inside it is the best place to be, because it drives beautifully, and from the inside you can’t see the outside. 10: Maserati Quattroporte. Now, good used ones seem relatively cheap. Best new electric cars for 2020 Bollinger B1. It's a far more rounded car than Nissan’s hugely popular Qashqai, too. The SUV segment is one which seems to be showing no signs of slowing down when it … Well, we've picked out 25 used cars for less than £10,000 to show you what you can get for your money. It rides pretty well, too, and it’s all wonderfully hushed. 2. More powerful and a shade quicker than a VW Golf GTI, yet substantially cheaper, the i30 N is for drivers who care more about how a car makes them feel than what it makes the neighbours think. Do you like gadgets? You sit high, in comfortable seats with room for five, surrounded by wood and leather. This brings a lengthy list of kit, with highlights including LED headlights, heated front seats, a reversing camera and an eight-inch touchscreen. We may receive a commission payment from the finance provider if you decide to enter into an agreement with them. Well there are plenty of options as it turns out, from urban runabouts to something more spacious. It’s composed in all situations and comfortable, and the car is stable around corners. The original CLS was one of the first of the new breed of four-door coupes, designed to blend desirability with practicality, and it did so well that it was followed in 2010 by this arguably even better-looking second-generation version. - For more news, reviews and Top Tens, visit If what you desire in a car is a sumptuous interior with plenty of space to lounge, as well as a soft and cosseting ride, all the performance and technology that money can buy and the sort of refinement that makes it possible to cross a continent in one day without reaching for the headache tablets, then what you need is a luxury car. On top of that it’s not extortionate in its running costs, either. We found: 2011 4.7 S, 25,000 miles, £24,450. By Brian Silvestro. The A1 really is every inch a distilled version of the Audi experience associated with the company's larger models, with this recently introduced, new generation model proving a compact hatchback that’s unusually desirable. Some, like the Ford Focus, might be a little more fun to drive. Worse, though the Panamera has always been billed as the four-door 911, its looks have never quite lived up to that handle. The Best Mid-Size Cars Under $25,000. Nor can they offer the instant response to the accelerator that the Zoe's electric motor can. In short, if you want a great value hot hatch that will make you want to get out and drive just for the sake of it, the i30 N is the one to have for £25,000. So what used cars can you buy for £5,000 on the used car market? With the ‘30’ engine - a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol motor - you get 116hp which delivers brisk enough performance for most small families, while the S Line trim comes with sports suspension to make this a responsive small car to drive around corners. It’s also quick and surprisingly refined, in either petrol or diesel forms, and it adds to that a well-equipped, four-seater interior of immense plushness. Share . Its very name is now synonymous with on-road luxury and unparalleled off-road ability, a 4x4 as likely to be found on a school run in a posh part of London as it is on a hillside in Wales, and a car you can guarantee will be magnificently and uniquely competent at both.

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